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Tier benefit

I think if you're a Eurobonus Gold or Diamond card holder you should not be charged for a seat assignment on another Star Alliance member flight. I recently booked a flight from Miami to Zurich on Swiss and was charged $35 for a seat assignment. regards, John (Diamond)

Codesharing cannot mean waiving the seller's responsibility

I bought a SAS return ticket from Stockholm to Singapore and registered my EBG card to make sure that I would get the Eurobonus points for the trip. The flight included a segment between Copenhagen and Singapore that was operated by Singapore Airlines in codesharing with SAS. For some reason, the points from the return flight between Singapore and Copenhagen were not registered while points for the other three segments were.

To my surprise, upon reporting the missing points to Eurobonus “Flight retro” I got the following information:


Lack of information about rental cars

Dear SAS.


Make life a little easier for your frequent travellers in the north

A missing link for Umeå have been a connection to Vaasa in Finland. Since SAS already operates at both airports, wouldn't it be possible to extend one of the routes once in a while to make a short stop at Vaasa to pickup and let passengers off. So a route could be Arlanda -> Vaasa -> Umeå and vice versa. This would give people and buisnesses in the north a smoother connection between those cites. Another route that has been on the wishlist for long is Umeå-London, this route could perform very good, especially during winter.

Something to eat?

Passengers are often asking for something to eat, even on shorter flights (especially arn-krn) and they are not always satisfied with the "wasa sandwich" alternative. These passengers feel for something soft and then I offer them a muffin, but it is not what they want if they are hungry, instead they want something salty.


Jag tycker SAS bör snegla på USA baserade bolag bla, United, American, US Airways när det gäller boarding.


Varför? Kan kalla mig en ganska frekvent resenär i detta land och systemet jag tycker fungerar bra är att man delat upp passagerarna i grupper: Group 1, Group 2 etc.. Grupperna baseras på status eller priset på betalad biljett.


I SAS fall skulle man kunna göra följande:


Grupp 1: Statusmedlemmar (Guld,Diamond, Pandion) samt Businessclassresenärer (om Business erbjuds)

Grupp 2: Silvermedlemmar och SAS Plus


Ikke enkelt å føre reiseregning om man har bestilt billetter direkte hos SAS og har endt opp med å endre ruten flere ganger. Vil dermed ende opp med mange enslige kvitteringer på e-post som gjerne er både i NOK og SEK. Refundert billett ser man ikke ut til å få kvittering på i det hele tatt, og det tar en uke før det blir refundert på kortet. Ingen oversikt over hva som er tidligere bestilt om man logger inn på Min side på Ingen mulighet for å få samlekvittering, eller å få alle kvitteringer i samme valuta.

New Meal Service

I have noticed that you are improving the meal service on longhaul flights for Business  Class.Great idea,but how about letting Passengers in Business Class and Plus being able  to pre book meals on line.A lot of airlines are already rolling this idea out .   

Eurobonus international help desk not good enough

As an SAS customer with Eurobonus gold card currently based on another continent, I find it hard to contact the Eurobonus help desk due to the limited opening hours. Also, when calling there is no voice mail or option to wait in line if no one picks up, just a message about the opening hours and nothing else. This should really be improved, thanks in advance.