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Food to Longyearbyen Spitsbergen

I suggest that SAS sell food -  more than snacks on the 4 hour journey between Oslo and Longyearbyen. The flight leaves at 1620 and arrives 2020. The only offered food - nuts, chips, muslibar, and knekkebrød. 

In the Scanorama magazine it is written "There is always a great selection on board". With two small kids this trip was a nightmare..  So serve good food - and SAS get happy traveller and also earn money on selling food. 

Surprise/gift onboard

Passengers should have the opportunity to arrange surprise/gifts for passengers onboard as an extra treat on special occasions. This is a GREAT SUCCESS at KLM with the "KLM Wannagives".  The idea is simple the gift 1. Select the person you want to surprise onboard 3. write message, confirm and pay 4. Gift will be delivered onboard. I suggest destinations from Norway as a start up/testperiod as Norwegians buy a whole lot more than others on board.

CPH - HKG direct

I really miss a direct SAS flight to south China. PEK and PVG are great when these are your final destinations. Would be so great with a direct flight to south China as well because so much time is saved.

Or if that is not possible. Please let us just have a midnight flight on Friday out of China.

Or the option agiain HKG - BKK - CPH. To get home for the weekend :)

Fix ordering EuroBonus tickets online

When ordering EB tickets online, the website fails >50% of the time to actually show the available flights and let you book a ticket. Furthermore, booking e.g. domestic flights within the US with EB points is not available from the website entirely, you have to call SAS. Please fix the EB online booking system and allow EB members to book all available EB flights online.

Display baggage reclaim carousel in mobile app

Why not display the Carousel in the mobile app? 99.5% will turn their mobile phone on as soon as possible after touch down. This information is the next thing all passengers look for after exiting the aircraft.

Luggage tag in App

Cant you include the luggage tag “Data” to be sent back to your flight information/boarding data stored in the app. That information together with the possibility to save pictures of the bags usually travel with makes the printed luggage tag not needed and at the same time, saving all the relevant information in one place, if your bag is lost on the way 

passenger experience

When I read articles on travel related websites, the “passenger experience” is frequently mentioned. What is SAS’s vision/view on this? And how is this communicated to your frequent flyers?


Wouldn’t it be a great idea to first test your future changes on your most frequent flyers before you implement them or at least receive some feedback from a website voting questionnaire.

Upgrade from Go to Plus after initial purchase


I have used Optiontown and I like the concept, but I would like it to be available on more than just long-haul flights.


I need a receipt that shows the price for Go (Economy) so that I can be reimbursed from my employer. When the price for Plus is only a bit above that for Go, I would like to be able to pay the difference myself.


Norwegian tjener formue på Alicante - fortsættelse

Kære SAS

Jeg anbefaler, at I åbner flere ruter til det syd-østlige Spanien.


Jeg har tidligere anbefalet Kbh-Murcia som ny rute, da mange af lejligheder i det sydøstlige del af Spanien foretrækker denne.


Alternativt vil en ny rute Kbh.- Almeria også være meget attraktivt - og spændende alternativt til Norwegian, som flyver til Alicante.


Bedste hilsner

Søren Hyldgaard

Norwegian tjener formue på Alicante!!

Kære SAS

Afgange til Alicante med Norwegian er næsten altid udsolgte. Jeg har netop købt 2 billetter Kbh-Alicante 17-22 april tur-retur. Samlet pris: 10.752 !!!!

SAS har en enkelt ugentlig afgang dertill, hvilket er for ufleksibelt.


Jeg foreslår flere ruter til Alicante. Norwegian har allerede 4 ruter til Alicante fra 4 norske byer, så mon ikke Norwegian snart åbner flere til Alicante fra Kbh?